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Military Brat Realities

I remember the first time I heard the term “military brat”. I couldn’t figure out why kids would willingly call themselves a brat. Growing up if you were called a brat, that meant you were not a very nice child. That’s certainly not something I would have wanted to be identified as, nor would IContinue Reading “Military Brat Realities”

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Preventing the Summer Slide: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

  Guest Post By: Tricia Ross School is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the learning can stop. Summer vacation is quickly approaching and shutting off those alarm clocks comes with the temptation to put education on hold to just have fun. According to the Department of Education, “on average students lose the equivalent ofContinue Reading “Preventing the Summer Slide: 5 Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer”

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Military Moves: Motivating Your Military Kids for the Next PCS

  Guest Blog By: Tricia Ross It’s that time of year: PCS season. Thousands of military families are in full preparation mode for what is the busiest moving season for installations around the globe. Whether you have orders in hand or are still waiting for a hard copy, let the planning begin. Well-prepared parents areContinue Reading “Military Moves: Motivating Your Military Kids for the Next PCS”

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National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally

  Cara Loken seeks to connect veterans with canines after watching her own son’s experiences. PLATTVILLE, ALABAMA – Cara Loken hasn’t only known the separation of deployment from her view as a military spouse, the National Guard wife of 16 years watched as her oldest son deployed to combat. Seeing his own experiences play outContinue Reading “National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally”