Deployment/PCS Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs


“Just Pedialite for the boys,” I remind him as he gets their cups ready. “And where is the Pedialite?” he asks. “In the medicine cabinet,” I answer quickly cleaning up another bout of sickness from one of the boys. “And which cabinet is that?” he asks looking completely confused in the kitchen. “The cabinet withContinue Reading “Transitions”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

What I’d Say

There are two reasons for it, I think. Being a parent, you know, quietly, that your family will go on much longer than your own life. And when someone you love is in the military, you tend to think about mortality even more. You have no choice. Life is nothing if not unpredictable, and thereContinue Reading “What I’d Say”

Deployment/PCS Military Kids/Special Needs

Deployment in a Two Year Old Mind

When we started this year without my husband we knew we’d have many of trials and tribulations, but the one I wasn’t ready for was the way my son’s mind would process where Daddy went. Our son and my husband are best friends and they are inseparable. I knew that our son would be upsetContinue Reading “Deployment in a Two Year Old Mind”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

Hearing Our Childs Voice

Since April is the Month of the Military Child, I decided to sit down and ask my children what being a military child means to them. I was able to get my 8yr old, 5yr old and 3yr olds perspective on the subject. As I sat down and talked with them individually about being aContinue Reading “Hearing Our Childs Voice”