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Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 7 – Meditation)

“I didn’t think HE was one of those ‘new age’ guys.” One of my co-workers heard this from her friend following a lecture I did. The reason? I mentioned using MEDITATION to decrease stress. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider meditation as “new age.” In fact, it’s extremely old school. It’sContinue Reading “Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 7 – Meditation)”

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Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 6 – Stress and your Mind)

“Depression is among the leading causes of disability worldwide.” – World Health Organization “20% of the soldiers who have been deployed in the past 6 years have PTSD, that’s over 300,000.” – Michelle Rosenthal, Heal my PTSD The statistics are frightening. Even MORE frightening is that these rates are increasing. -Depression is at an all-timeContinue Reading “Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 6 – Stress and your Mind)”

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Encouraging Research on Suicide Prevention

  During the month of July 2011, 32 Army personnel took their own lives. This continues the alarming trend of increased suicide amongst servicemen and women who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. A recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry sheds light on one potential cause, and another offers a possible wayContinue Reading “Encouraging Research on Suicide Prevention”