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Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 5 – Stress and Your Body)

HELLO!Allow me to introduce myself; I’m your ADRENAL gland. You might have heard of me. I’m one of your STRESS glands. I might be small, but If I must say so myself, I’m pretty important! My job is to prepare your body to survive stressful situations, like running into a tiger. That’s when I kickContinue Reading “Get a Grip on Stress! (Part 5 – Stress and Your Body)”

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Man’s Best Cure

Let me tell you a little about my dog Dixie. Dixie is a German Shepard/Coon hound mix that we adopted from an animal shelter in 1998.  Dixie soon became a member of our family which included my husband (who suffers from PTSD) our other dog Simba a Chow-Chow/North Timberland wolf mix and of course myself. Continue Reading “Man’s Best Cure”

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Get A Grip on Stress! (Part 4 – Chemical Stress)

WARNING! The following article identifies common sources of chemical stress. Unfortunately, these chemical stressors may be some of your favorite foods, beverages, personal care products, and medications. All I ask is that you DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER! I’m only sharing what I’ve learned from years of observing, reading and doing countless hours of research. IfContinue Reading “Get A Grip on Stress! (Part 4 – Chemical Stress)”