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Amazing Ways That Animals Assist Veterans

Mental health can be a challenging struggle for many veterans who are trying to live productive, happy and healthy lives back on home soil. Being as healthy as possible in both body and mind is hugely important for our well-being, and unfortunately, it’s far too easy to neglect the latter. Often, the thought of sittingContinue Reading “Amazing Ways That Animals Assist Veterans”

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Staying Positive When Illness Strikes

When you’re diagnosed with an illness, especially a chronic one, you’re likely to experience a mix of emotions. Many people feel some sense of relief with a diagnosis because they finally understand what’s happening with their body. But then, there’s the inevitable feeling of hopelessness. Even if you suspected something was wrong, there’s no denyingContinue Reading “Staying Positive When Illness Strikes”

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Supporting Your Loved Ones When Illness Strikes

When someone you love falls seriously ill, it can take a major toll on your own mental and emotional health. But you’re not worried about yourself. All your energy is focused on making sure your loved one gets back on the road to recovery. It’s a process that can be intense, and it’s easy toContinue Reading “Supporting Your Loved Ones When Illness Strikes”

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3 Healing Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Chances are, you are familiar with lavender. The sweet aroma of this plant is recognized across the globe. You are probably used to seeing lavender in body wash, candles, and even baby wipes. When you see a product with a purple bottle, you can bet the scent is the relaxing smell of lavender. It isContinue Reading “3 Healing Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Lavender Essential Oil”