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MilSpouse Burnout: When Life Leaves You Weary

Burnout is defined as emotional exhaustion from long-term mental stress. Some definitions relate it specifically to occupational stress and diminished interest in work, but “work” in reality can be anything that is continuously expected to be done on a daily basis. I remember feeling burned out towards the end of my semester in college, butContinue Reading “MilSpouse Burnout: When Life Leaves You Weary”

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Postpartum Depression and the Military Wife

  I stopped recognizing myself. Shortly, after my second daughter was born I knew something was going on with me. The anxiety and quick temper were more than just typical ‘new mom’ stress or baby blues. My husband encouraged me to talk to my doctor, but I was hesitant. Besides the stigma of postpartum depressionContinue Reading “Postpartum Depression and the Military Wife”

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National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally

  Cara Loken seeks to connect veterans with canines after watching her own son’s experiences. PLATTVILLE, ALABAMA – Cara Loken hasn’t only known the separation of deployment from her view as a military spouse, the National Guard wife of 16 years watched as her oldest son deployed to combat. Seeing his own experiences play outContinue Reading “National Guard Wife Takes Helping Others Personally”

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Get A Grip on STRESS: Winter Edition

Guest Post By: Dr. Anthony Macioce If you live in a place where winters are mild, ignore this article and consider yourself lucky. Winter provides unique activities for children – making snowmen, sledding, snowball fights, snow days; and adults –  skiing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing and polar bear plunges. (A polar bear plunge is whenContinue Reading “Get A Grip on STRESS: Winter Edition”