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First Aid Tips For Toddlers

When children are learning to walk, and gaining control of their balance, little accidents can be an everyday occurrence. The trouble is that toddlers can be notoriously difficult customers at times, and if they are hurt or injured, this is no exception. Sometimes they may even protest when you are trying to administer first aid.Continue Reading “First Aid Tips For Toddlers”

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#BackToYou – Get Summer Ready!

Summertime is here! The happy time of year where we get rid of winter sweaters and start thinking about beachwear. It is also the time of year we see moms going crazy to ensure every second of the day is planned for summer fun. But what about you? What are you doing for yourself thisContinue Reading “#BackToYou – Get Summer Ready!”

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Suicide Awareness: What You Should Know

Rapidly rising suicide rates are the health crisis too few are talking about. For every suicide, there are at least 25 suicide attempts. Suicide rates increased by 25% across the United States between 1999 and 2016 (US CDC, 2018). When it comes to suicide, it is easy to be ignorant. No one wants to believe that aContinue Reading “Suicide Awareness: What You Should Know”

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5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym 

According to Web MD, while it is not all that difficult to start working on your fitness levels by joining a gym, the hard part is sticking to it. As your enthusiasm and energy wane and life distractions abound, many of us will throw in the towel. There are, however techniques you can use toContinue Reading “5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym “