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Anger to Advocacy: Military Kiddos with Autism

I’m sure you haven’t heard anything about the drastic policy change being put into affect in a couple weeks for military children with Autism. I’m lucky that I followed a link through AutismSpeaks that opened my eyes. I am a mother of a military child with Autism and I’m angry. These policy changes have beenContinue Reading “Anger to Advocacy: Military Kiddos with Autism”

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Ashley Wise: The Face Behind Battling BARE

The images are powerful.  The bare backs of women, accessorized with camouflage material, dog tags, frequently the American flag speak volumes of the struggle they endure.  Photographs on Facebook, the cover of Military Spouse magazine and other media sites of women, a few men and even children pledging to stand strong for their loved onesContinue Reading “Ashley Wise: The Face Behind Battling BARE”

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He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!

Six years ago life as my three kids and I knew it changed. We were so excited because our soldier was coming home after being deployed for 15 months, we would finally be a complete family again. Considering this was our sixth deployment, we had no concerns or worries and knew what we should expectContinue Reading “He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!”

Mental Health/Wellness National Guard/Reserve

Mental Health Needs for National Guard

  Our National Guard, once known as the “weekend warriors”, because training is one weekend per month and two weeks in the summer. The National Guard also responds to disasters in the U.S., as we recently have seen at the Boston Marathon massacre and Hurricane Sandy. Did you know that over half of the U.S.Continue Reading “Mental Health Needs for National Guard”