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PTSD and Guns

Some of the questions a veteran is asked when they seek treatment for PTSD or other combat related injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, “Do you currently own any weapons? Where are these weapons kept? And do you have regular access to these weapons?” PTSD in itself does not cause a veteran to “snap” andContinue Reading “PTSD and Guns”

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A Life with PTSD

A few years ago, Bob Woodruff of ABC Nightly News came to my home near Kansas City, Missouri.  He had read or heard of an article in which my (now ex) husband and I had been interviewed.  In the original article published in a local news magazine we had been very candid about our strugglesContinue Reading “A Life with PTSD”

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Base Camp Hope

Diane Kinney has a vision…a BIG vision.  She’s the Executive Director of Base Camp Hope, and if her vision becomes a reality, it will revolutionize how veterans with so-called mental “disorders” (PTSD, anxiety, depression) heal their invisible wounds and reintegrate back into society. I had a chance to sit down with her recently, and weContinue Reading “Base Camp Hope”

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Get a Grip on Stress! – “Clean and Green Edition”

  THE FOLLOWING CONVERSATIONS ACTUALLY OCCURRED BETWEEN MYSELF AND MY LOVELY WIFE BARBARA LAST MONTH: BARB: “Will you please stop talking about that soap!” ME: “But it’s awesome, it works really well, cleans just about anything, and it’s non-toxic.” THREE DAYS LATER… ME: “You should see what that soap just did!” BARB: “Enough about thatContinue Reading “Get a Grip on Stress! – “Clean and Green Edition””