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What Suicide Taught Me

  What Suicide Taught Me In 2010 I sat in my living room across from Bob Woodruff of ABC news. Woodruff was conducting an interview with myself, my now ex-husband and interviewed Shannon Galloway, who’s husband Major Chris Galloway had committed suicide not long before the interviews. Woodruff asked me a question that has angeredContinue Reading “What Suicide Taught Me”

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The USO Aims to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul

Earlier this month, the USO opened a second Warrior and Family Center in the D.C. area. The first one is located on Fort Belvoir in Northern Virginia and the second has now opened at Naval Support Activity Bethesda, in Maryland, outside the doors of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The goal of these facilitiesContinue Reading “The USO Aims to Heal the Mind, Body and Soul”

Mental Health/Wellness

Happy Ending

Happy Ending  My husband has PTSD and the last six years have not been what I would call a joyous journey, but I feel like the last month my frustration level has risen 500 levels and not even because of his PTSD. I have been so blessed through this experience to have met some amazingContinue Reading “Happy Ending”

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Save a Warrior: Healing PTS Warriors Part II

Save a Warrior: Healing PTS Warriors Part II – Homefront United Network Post-traumatic stress affects 2.3 million veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, but it is estimated that only half of those returning from combat with stress-related effects seek out treatment. Victims of this disorder are not just the service member themselves but also the people around them- family, friends, and coworkers. ThisContinue Reading “Save a Warrior: Healing PTS Warriors Part II”