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Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back

When I watch home videos of when my now eight-year-old daughter was a baby, I wonder if it’s really me behind the camera. The person talking seems to be somebody who is lively and fun. It’s somebody who was enjoying the moment and creating an upbeat narration to go along with it. No, that couldn’tContinue Reading “Where’d the Fun Go? Getting Your Fun Back”

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Self-Care Is NOT Optional

As a military spouse, I am familiar with the stressors this life may bring. During the numerous separations my husband and I have encountered, there was always some stressor that took effect on my health and made the days extra difficult. The biggest stressor for me was parenting both my children who are at veryContinue Reading “Self-Care Is NOT Optional”

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Nurturing Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t Seek Therapy

Guest Post By: Ingrid Herrera-Yee, PhD Married life isn’t easy. It takes work. Every. Single. Day. The outside world, responsibilities and stressors all have an impact on your life as a couple. This holds true whether you’re in a civilian or a military marriage. But, add to it the stress and strain of moves, deployments, TDY’sContinue Reading “Nurturing Your Marriage When Your Spouse Won’t Seek Therapy”

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Puzzles and Games for Mental Health

Taking care of a family is rewarding, but it’s also a huge source of stress. Often underappreciated, typically taken for granted, spouses who choose to stay at home and take care of their family often feel burnt out, and mentally drained. Self-care is the key to counteracting feelings of exhaustion and fatigue, and one ofContinue Reading “Puzzles and Games for Mental Health”