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Can You Be Feminine and Still Be a Feminist?

If you’re expecting your loved one back from duty and want to have a special dinner ready him, do you ever feel that you’re falling into a kind of 1950’s wife and homemaker stereotype? Do you wonder if dressing up to welcome him home is something a modern woman should be contemplating? Or are theseContinue Reading “Can You Be Feminine and Still Be a Feminist?”

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National Guard Soldier Denied Burial: Shouldn’t All Service Count?

Officials have denied a soldier burial at Arlington National Cemetery after stating that his service differed from the Marines aboard the fatal crash. On March 10th, eleven service members, seven Marines and four National Guard members were killed in a helicopter crash during a training mission off the coast of Pensacola, Florida. This group wasContinue Reading “National Guard Soldier Denied Burial: Shouldn’t All Service Count?”

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Military Entitlement: Sense of Respect

There seems to be a feeling of hostility lately towards the military community, specifically regarding what one author calls a “sense of entitlement” on the part of service members and their families. Another author wrote that veteran hiring preference and military discounts are creating a rift in military-civilian relations. In an article published Wednesday onContinue Reading “Military Entitlement: Sense of Respect”

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My Soldier is a Sex Addict

When I first thought about what addiction looked like, I definitely did not picture my husband. I pictured someone strung out, jobless, no life, unwilling to stop their behavior to spare their family the pain. Then it invaded my home. It was my husband, my son’s father, the person I pledged forever to. My husband has been battling sexual addiction,Continue Reading “My Soldier is a Sex Addict”