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Energy Saving Tips For The Spring/Summer Season

That time of year is almost upon us. Barbecue’s, water fights and the kids plugging electric fans into every corner of the house. It can become a nightmare for your energy bill! Luckily, there are several nifty tips you can try out, to reduce the financial load but still have an enjoyable time in theContinue Reading “Energy Saving Tips For The Spring/Summer Season”


Summer Treats You Can Enjoy Without Guilt

Summer treats are a cherished pastime for many. When temperatures rise, nothing beats cooling off with an ice-cold popsicle or a good, old-fashioned ice cream cone. But these treats tend to get a bad rap for their high sugar and fat content, levels of preservatives, and artificial colors and flavorings. This is enough to leaveContinue Reading “Summer Treats You Can Enjoy Without Guilt”


Tim’s Grilled Corn

Summer is a great time for grilling. Here is a recipe for something other than just your basic steak, hot dogs or sausage. A delicious side dish for any meal, easy to make and easy to clean up – Tim’s Grilled Corn.   I have put measurements below for 4 ears of corn. The cornContinue Reading “Tim’s Grilled Corn”

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Resolve to Get Clean in 2014

Resolve to Get Clean in 2014 I consider myself a healthy eater. For many years I have made it a priority to eat as healthfully as I could and as a result many of my efforts have become habits. I have never followed specific diet trends or relied on diet products, I just made itContinue Reading “Resolve to Get Clean in 2014”