Get Fit and Go Live. Taking the First Steps, Literally.

I’ve been involved in fitness my whole life-starting with teaching an aerobics class in college- but I haven’t always been in good shape, it took 20 years for me to learn what I needed to get the results I was looking for and truly become healthy. I meet people all the time that want toContinue Reading “Get Fit and Go Live. Taking the First Steps, Literally.”


Effortless Summer Beauty Tips

  Okay, let’s just be realistic here – there really is nothing effortless about beauty right? We always have to do something to feel good – whether it’s plucking our eyebrows, whitening our teeth, or putting on make-up – there is always something to be done, but there are ways to feel and look greatContinue Reading “Effortless Summer Beauty Tips”


Jump Start Your Weight Loss: Part One

  Photo Courtesy: Google Images   Jump Start Your Weight Loss Part One – Fairly Easy Tips to Help Transform Your Diet   Who doesn’t want to get healthy and lose weight? I honestly can say that most people will tell you that their current body is not their ideal body. I know that IContinue Reading “Jump Start Your Weight Loss: Part One”

Health/Beauty Homefront

Defending the Home Front- Part 2

We’ve discussed in an earlier article the need for environmental awareness when considering personal safety.  I bet you never thought rain was an issue in whether you could be attacked- but there are many factors that can lead to you being victimized.  Now let’s discuss awareness of your surroundings.  Remember my story about a tripContinue Reading “Defending the Home Front- Part 2”