New Year’s Resolutions

Usually, going to the gym is a positive experience for me. Tonight it wasn’t. The parking lot was full, there were no hooks to hang my coat on, it took ten minutes to get into the changing room, and ALL of my favorite machines were occupied. I thought: “What’s going on? Are they giving outContinue Reading “New Year’s Resolutions”


Nutrition = Your Health & Fitness “Fuel”

  In my first article for Homefront United I covered the basic steps for transforming your health and fitness.  This month I would like to expand on the one step that I feel is the most important and significant topic, nutrition. Over the years I have met many people who exercise like crazy, you mightContinue Reading “Nutrition = Your Health & Fitness “Fuel””

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Chiropratic in the Military

The most recent issue of Dynamic Chiropractic ran a front page article titled “Study Supports VA Chiropractic: Significant improvement for veterans with neck pain.”  Yep. I’m a nerd. I actually read magazines like “Dynamic Chiropractic” and you can too!  The full article is here: It’s basically a lot of statistics, so I’ll paraphrase. ChiropracticContinue Reading “Chiropratic in the Military”

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Taking Some “Me” Time

As spouses and parents we often get caught up in the lives we have created for ourselves, that we forget to spend a little time on ourselves. All of life’s tasks get in between and soon start to take over. Work, school, keeping the home in order, caring for kids, spending time with our family, makingContinue Reading “Taking Some “Me” Time”