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Self-Care Is NOT Optional

As a military spouse, I am familiar with the stressors this life may bring. During the numerous separations my husband and I have encountered, there was always some stressor that took effect on my health and made the days extra difficult. The biggest stressor for me was parenting both my children who are at veryContinue Reading “Self-Care Is NOT Optional”


3 Sleeping Posture Tips to Waking Up Feeling Great

When I read the words of Dalai Lama – “Sleep is the best meditation” – I thought they best describe what happens to our brain and body while sleeping. We unwind and let go of all the problems and negative energies of the day. The better the sleep we get, the more energized we feelContinue Reading “3 Sleeping Posture Tips to Waking Up Feeling Great”


How Getting Sufficient Sleep Keeps You Healthy

There is absolutely no doubt that numerous things in life can negatively impact your health. If you do not eat properly or exercise regularly, you’re going to run into serious problems at some point in the future. While you’re at it, you should remember that your health is very reliant on your sleep. If youContinue Reading “How Getting Sufficient Sleep Keeps You Healthy”

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Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes

Consumerism might be convenient, but it costs us some valuable money-saving skills. There was a time when people knew how to darn socks instead of going to the store every time a hole appeared. Using these same skills, you could breathe some new life into your old wardrobe without blowing your budget. As an addedContinue Reading “Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes”