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The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids

Are you worried the lifeguard will have to give you CPR this summer for cardiac arrest while you worry over your child’s safety while she’s swimming? Do you wonder what you can do to prevent your child from drowning? Water safety, especially for young children, is a real issue you should worry about as a parent.Continue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids”

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COVID-19 Resources for Military Families

We will be updating this page daily as new resources are added. Please email us at info@homefrontunited.com if you have any questions. Financial Resources: Military Saves Official Coronavirus Military Response Sites: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE COAST GUARD NATIONAL GUARD Additional Guidance on COVID-19 Military Pay and Personnel Benefits Military Personnel Q/A Military Personnel Guidance


Useful Security Tips for Military Families at Home

One of the biggest challenges a service member can face is leaving their family at home. The service member is constantly worrying about their families’ security at home, and let’s face it, families worry too! You can have peace of mind, with some useful security tips for you and your family: Tip 1. Secure AllContinue Reading “Useful Security Tips for Military Families at Home”

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Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.

Your ETS date is almost here. You still don’t know exactly what you are going to do with yourself after you get out. You have a job lined up, but you are not sure if it is going to be fulfilling enough. You are ready to get out of the military yet at the sameContinue Reading “Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.”