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Winter Tips For Homeowners

With sparkling ice and fluffy snow adding to the holiday excitement, let’s not forget the falling tree branches, drafts, ice dams, and HVAC issues that could cause serious headaches to homeowners. To avoid wasting your holiday season in repairing home disasters, why not take a preventative approach and conduct a winter home maintenance? This willContinue Reading “Winter Tips For Homeowners”

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Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes

Consumerism might be convenient, but it costs us some valuable money-saving skills. There was a time when people knew how to darn socks instead of going to the store every time a hole appeared. Using these same skills, you could breathe some new life into your old wardrobe without blowing your budget. As an addedContinue Reading “Frugal Wardrobe: Up-cycle Your Old Clothes”


Making changes: Seeking Help to Cope with Impairments

Home improvements are something all homeowners consider at some point. Plans to bring a fresh look or update and modernize features within your house are carried out for a range of reasons. However, sometimes it is a necessity that provides the motivation for change. Modifications are often needed in the home to aid people dealingContinue Reading “Making changes: Seeking Help to Cope with Impairments”