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Top Ten Tips For Upgrading Your Bedroom On A Budget

The bedroom of a home is a sanctuary to relax, revitalize, and rest. But when your bedroom design feels dated, you may not feel as comfortable spending time there as you may like. A full bedroom redesign can be costly, especially if you’re interested in giving your sleep space a complete overhaul with a brandContinue Reading “Top Ten Tips For Upgrading Your Bedroom On A Budget”


Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

  Small bathrooms don’t have to feel small. You’ve seen those bathrooms, though. They feel crowded and dark; space is not used well. You’d be surprised, however, that with just a few simple tricks even the smallest bathroom can instantly feel larger. Try these seven basic tips to see how big your bathroom can feel.Continue Reading “Tricks To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger”


How to Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget

  The Halloween season is upon us, and that means ghoulish (or pretty) costumes, candy, and Halloween parties. We have three young girls – two of whom already understand the amazingness that is candy and one who I’m sure will have a good idea of it once the night is through. And if you’re anythingContinue Reading “How to Throw a Halloween Party on a Budget”

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3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

  “Mom,” she shouts from the other room, “I want to be Kitty Cheshire for Halloween.” Five minutes later she’s changed her mind to another Ever After High character. She goes back and forth each day. Yes, it’s October. While the weather is turning a little cooler and those of you with foliage are enjoyingContinue Reading “3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas”