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4 Tips For Spring Cleaning

Spring is a beautiful time of year when nature comes back to life and people are starting to feel a bit more energized. There are a lot of reasons why people might feel happier once springtime arrives. First of all, the day becomes longer, warmer, birds are starting to chirp, and flowers are slowly startingContinue Reading “4 Tips For Spring Cleaning”


Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season

Whether you are a snowbird heading north as winter ends, or you are a permanent resident adjusting to the change in seasons, you need to prepare your home for spring and summer. Some actions you only need to take if you are leaving, such as shutting off the water supply to prevent flooding. Others areContinue Reading “Get Your Home Ready for the Spring/Summer Season”


Creating a Family Friendly Garden

Finding a balance between designing a garden that allows parents to relax and children to play doesn’t mean you have to separately share time outside. With careful planning, a garden can be transformed to suit everyone’s needs and fun. As long as it’s a safe area for children to play in, it’s a great wayContinue Reading “Creating a Family Friendly Garden”


Beyond Video Games: Hobbies That Will Make Your Brain Work

Your brains, squishy and mushy as they are, will slowly decay as you grow old, especially when you don’t use it that much. You can argue that your career can make your brain work, but most jobs are based only on one or two thinking skills (i.e., accountants use more analytical thinking, while lawyers haveContinue Reading “Beyond Video Games: Hobbies That Will Make Your Brain Work”