Watching Friends Say, “See ya later!”

  Photo Courtesy of: Google Images Now that my deployment is coming to a close, another day I had dreaded came and left just as quickly, seeing around ten of my friends say “see ya later” to their husbands all on the same day. On said day, I woke up at 7 am with aContinue Reading “Watching Friends Say, “See ya later!””


Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?

Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?  Being a first timer at the whole deployment thing, I am experiencing emotions and asking myself questions, and I am unsure of what is normal. Then again, we all deal with deployment differently so who knows what normal really is? My lists of questions with what I assume are theContinue Reading “Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?”

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A Story Before Bed {Freebie for Military Members!}

Right now A Story Before Bed is giving away 100,000 FREE recording for Military Members. All you have to do is fill out the form and you will get an e-mail to continue the process. Hurry and get yours before they are all gone! A Story Before Bed lets you record a book so yourContinue Reading “A Story Before Bed {Freebie for Military Members!}”