Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?

Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?  Being a first timer at the whole deployment thing, I am experiencing emotions and asking myself questions, and I am unsure of what is normal. Then again, we all deal with deployment differently so who knows what normal really is? My lists of questions with what I assume are theContinue Reading “Homecoming Jitters: Is This Normal?”

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A Story Before Bed {Freebie for Military Members!}

Right now A Story Before Bed is giving away 100,000 FREE recording for Military Members. All you have to do is fill out the form and you will get an e-mail to continue the process. Hurry and get yours before they are all gone! A Story Before Bed lets you record a book so yourContinue Reading “A Story Before Bed {Freebie for Military Members!}”

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Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown

Military spouses, we are a special breed. We married into this life knowing somewhat of what it would entail. We chose it just like our husbands did when they enlisted. Of course we didn’t have to endure basic training and we’re not the ones being deployed, but we have our own trials and tribulations thatContinue Reading “Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown”