What Does Deployment Teach Us About Being Self-Reliant?

Maybe it’s the constant separation, the days on end alone, experiencing different parts of the country or even the world, or maybe it’s just a quality we develop after years of being with our service member. We, military spouses, are often viewed by society as non-uniformed heroes. While we may not be rocking the spandex orContinue Reading “What Does Deployment Teach Us About Being Self-Reliant?”


Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving

It cannot be denied that shifting to a new place requires a lot of physical and mental investment. It is a very demanding task that requires planning and management, and no matter how much you plan, something can always go wrong at the least moment. The minor complexities that are involved in the whole movingContinue Reading “Mistakes You Should Avoid When Moving”

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Back to School in a New Town

Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By Briana Hartzell Transitioning from summer’s long days and endless playing is hard enough — add in a new town and a new school, and it can be nerve-wracking! The first and most important step in preparing for a new school year in a new town is to communicateContinue Reading “Back to School in a New Town”

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Five Questions To Help Decide If You Should Buy Or Rent Your Home

It’s a question which every family contemplates. To Buy or not to buy? It’s also a question which rarely has a simple answer and is entirely dependent upon your personal circumstances. We’ve all read the many benefits attached to buying a home, yet for military families, this decision is far more complicated. Below we lookContinue Reading “Five Questions To Help Decide If You Should Buy Or Rent Your Home”