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The Never-ending Job Hunt

“Two great jobs….why did you leave before you had been there a year?” “You just moved to the area and your husband is in the Marine Corps…so that means you’ll move again soon, right?” “We once had a Marine spouse work for us – when her husband deployed, it became an issue.” These are allContinue Reading “The Never-ending Job Hunt”

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Balancing My Time

In this crazy day and age full of another thing to do, another place to go, and another person to see we often find ourselves trying to pick between this that and the other thing to make it all fit into our days. Lately I have found that I have really had to balance myContinue Reading “Balancing My Time”

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Homeschooling (Part 2)

I am not an expert in homeschooling. I am learning what works for our family as we go. I have come across a variety of resources since starting my research to educate my children. My husband and I haven’t decided if we will homeschool beyond my son’s preschool stage. What I am realizing since we’veContinue Reading “Homeschooling (Part 2)”