#DropandGiveMe20 Challenge


We have a challenge for you. The Homefront United Network Executive Editor Amanda Cherry, explains the challenge… In the month of November we’re asking everyone to accept the #DropandGiveMe20 challenge to support our veterans, military members and military families. The idea is to do 20 pushups or any form of exercise you are able to […]

#Why I Stayed

Amanda Loose Park bike 4

Video leaked to TMZ of NFL player Ray Rice rendering unconscious his fiancé, now wife, Janay Rice has people asking, “Why would you stay with someone who abuses you?” Trending on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites is the hashtag- #Why I stayed. Women and a few men, who’ve been subjected to domestic violence […]

What Suicide Taught Me

photo by Amanda Cherry

  What Suicide Taught Me In 2010 I sat in my living room across from Bob Woodruff of ABC news. Woodruff was conducting an interview with myself, my now ex-husband and interviewed Shannon Galloway, who’s husband Major Chris Galloway had committed suicide not long before the interviews. Woodruff asked me a question that has angered […]

A Lesson Learned from the Oscars, “Don’t Give Up!”

Jennifer Brofer with Meryl Streep 2013 Oscars

Sunday evening’s 2014 Oscar presentation may have found many of us glued to our seats. We may have dreamt of being in the audience, sharing a slice of pizza with Meryl Streep. Jennifer Brofer enjoyed the Oscars in the comfort of her apartment, with her three roommates and a friends she met in 2013, at […]

Top 10 Reasons Military Background Makes You a Better Student

Photo Credit: DODLive

  Top 10 Reasons Military Background Makes You a Better Student As a military veteran, I returned to college to finish my degree using the GI Bill, after a 20 year hiatus. Going back I discovered that a good sense of humor, an open-mind and a lot of patience were the best survival tools the […]

Photo Effects: Wisconsin National Guard Reacts to Damaging Photos on Social Media

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Photo Effects: Wisconsin National Guard Reacts to Damaging Photos on Social Media The Wisconsin National Guard is reacting to an event that occurred over the weekend reaching a head on Feb. 17, 2014. Spc. Terry Harrison, a Wisconsin National Guard member posted to her Instagram a photo taken at La Vern E. Weber National Guard Professional […]

Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution


Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution On New Year’s Eve the clock strikes the last tones of midnight.  The ball in Times Square flashes 2014. We will sip the last golden drops of champagne from our glass, bubbles tickling our noses.  Our laughter, our smiles and our hearts bursting with the hope and promise of […]

Happy Third Anniversary- Homefront United Network!


Christmas Day 2010 the Homefront United Network posted it’s first article.  Since that day three years ago, the Homefront United Network has grown and changed.  Along the way our writers have also grown and changed.  As editor/writer I’ve been here since the beginning, and I know why I love it.  So I had to ask, […]

Why Being a Military Spouse Was Harder Than Being a Veteran: My Perspective


  Why Being a Military Spouse Was Harder Than Being a Veteran: A Veterans Perspective Over 20 years ago I stood in front of my parents and my recruiter taking an oath of enlistment.  A few years later I stood in front of my family and friends taking an oath of marriage.  In one of […]

Government Shutdown: How the Heck Did We Get Here?


When I tell people I work for the Homefront United Network, a blog for military families, I am asked questions about current events affecting our readers. Lately I’ve been fielding many questions about sequestration and the looming government shut down.  I have to explain that I am not an economist or an expert on the federal […]

Ashley Wise: The Face Behind Battling BARE

Battling BARE photos 1

The images are powerful.  The bare backs of women, accessorized with camouflage material, dog tags, frequently the American flag speak volumes of the struggle they endure.  Photographs on Facebook, the cover of Military Spouse magazine and other media sites of women, a few men and even children pledging to stand strong for their loved ones […]

The Vehicle of Rape Culture


The public is outraged by CNN’s coverage of the Steubenville, Ohio rape trial.  A trial which found Trent Mays, 17, and Ma’lik Richmond, 16, guilty of raping a 16 year old girl while she was unconscious.  Outrage grew when it was revealed that photos of the naked victim were sent over social media.  In one […]

“Writing My Way Back Home” Finds a Home at the University of Iowa


On April 5-7, 2013 a free writer’s workshop open to serving military members, their families and veterans will gather in Iowa City, Iowa to write about their experiences in the military. The website explains the purpose of the workshop, “We each have a story to tell and the Writing My Way Back Home weekend workshop […]

Camp Dodge, Iowa Hosts Transcendental Meditation Courses for Veterans


The hour long talk from  noon – 1p.m. on February 25, 2013 at Camp Dodge in Johnston, Iowa will be the first step in learning to how Transcendental Meditation can benefit everyone, but specifically veterans suffering with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On that day, meditation teacher Anne Shook, along with teachers Dan Swanson, Carol […]

Love, Faith and Marriage Military Style

Toppin family

“He’s my one,” Ashley Toppin tells me.  “He’s my everything.” She’s speaking of her husband Andy Toppin, an Army veteran from Dickinson, Texas.  If you saw them walking down the street you’d look twice.  Ashley is a petite blue eyed blonde with a smile that lights up a dark Texas night.  Andy is tall dark […]

Facing the Fears of Women in Combat


As a female veteran I am often asked, “Do you think women should serve in combat?”.  What is my answer?  Yes, women should serve.  One of the biggest regrets I have is that my gender kept me from fully serving alongside my brothers in arms. I know what you’ll say, because it’s what everyone says: […]

1994 Ban of Women in Combat Lifted


On January 23, 2013, a historic decision was announced by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, to allow women to actively serve in combat roles.  This decision rescinds the 1994 Direct Ground Combat Definition and Assignment Rule and was developed in collaboration with the Chairman and the Joint Chiefs. In a press release from the Pentagon the […]

Controlling our Fears

Photo Credit: Cynthia Marie on Facebook

This image was posted on Facebook by the user known as Cynthia Marie.  The photo’s caption reads as follows; “This picture was taken at a JcPenney(sic) by me, here in Riverdale, Utah! He is NOT breaking any Utah State laws. You DO NOT have to be a CCP holder in order to open carry in […]

PTSD and Guns

PTSD and Guns

Some of the questions a veteran is asked when they seek treatment for PTSD or other combat related injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury, “Do you currently own any weapons? Where are these weapons kept? And do you have regular access to these weapons?” PTSD in itself does not cause a veteran to “snap” and […]

Lessons from Connecticut

Photo Credit: Google Images

I’ve bore witness to the horrific shooting in Connecticut for the past several days.  There came a point when it was too unspeakable to endure, so I stopped watching, listening and reading about it.  It seems that everything that could be said, has been said.  The argument concerning gun control, the argument concerning mental illness, […]