Dealing with Life After the Military – You Are Not Alone

Unless you’ve ever served in the military, you can’t imagine the hardships you might encounter when transitioning back to civilian life. You have just spent several years under a very precise and rigid lifestyle and all of a sudden you are virtually on your own. There is no sergeant or lieutenant to look up toContinue Reading “Dealing with Life After the Military – You Are Not Alone”

Homefront Veterans

How Do You Rebuild Community After Military Life Ends?

There can be little denying that military families stick together; the sense of community experienced is unrivaled and serves as a support system during some of the most difficult times. But what happens when we return to the civilian life? Is it possible to rebuild a sense of community? Returning to a civilian lifestyle followingContinue Reading “How Do You Rebuild Community After Military Life Ends?”


How Busy Moms Can Maintain Friendships

Getting your friends together after you’ve all had kids can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Don’t let conflicting schedules mean you lose touch with those closest to you. You need to nurture and continue friendships, even if all you want to do is spend time with your kids. Fact is, one day your childrenContinue Reading “How Busy Moms Can Maintain Friendships”