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Joining Forces Turns 5: First Lady Urges Continued Work in Next Administration

  WASHINGTON, DC – The White House celebrated the 5th anniversary of Joining Forces last week with a series of events focusing on the military community. The initiative, created in 2011 by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, works with the public and private sectors to support service members, veterans, and their familiesContinue Reading “Joining Forces Turns 5: First Lady Urges Continued Work in Next Administration”


Three Sides to Every Story

  A new topic trending through the military community is bringing to light the question of who can we trust. Over the last few days, social media has exploded around one of the most recognizable charities, the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) – a veterans’ service organization that offers programs, service and events for wounded veteransContinue Reading “Three Sides to Every Story”

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Dear Active Duty Spouse

Dear Active Duty Spouse, I sat down and read your letter today. Your words flowed so freely and openly. You acknowledged every feeling, every moment, and every experience. You and I are the same, I’ve always thought so. But, you wouldn’t believe what people say to me, or maybe you can, which is why youContinue Reading “Dear Active Duty Spouse”

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Lets Make a Readiness Folder!

I’m no stranger to the “going it alone” life.  In more ways then one it applies to the military life. For some, it is the very essence of their world. For those of us in the National Guard or Reserves world it can be a daily thing. Having been stationed remotely (without the conveniences ofContinue Reading “Lets Make a Readiness Folder!”