Joining Forces for Education

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a Joining Forces event at George Mason University.  I had been waiting to attend an event like this since we moved here, and I am so thankful that it finally came.  Since Junior High, politics has always interested me.  I worked with legislators, Governors and lots ofContinue Reading “Joining Forces for Education”

Reviews Review

If you have children or watch PBS, you might have seen the commercials for, Early Learning Academy.  I was assuming it was some kind of online educational gaming program for kids.  Truthfully, I was expecting it to be just like the many others that I have had the pleasure of trying.  ABCMouse was so muchContinue Reading “ Review”


Sightseeing: DC/Northern Virginia with Kids!

No one was more excited about moving to the DC Metro area than I was. It really is the culmination of a dream we’ve had since joining the military about ten years ago (when I say we I mean my husband, but you know that). As soon as we knew the move was taking placeContinue Reading “Sightseeing: DC/Northern Virginia with Kids!”