Going Back to School –Military Wife/Life Style

Deciding to further your education can sometimes be a difficult step to take, but when you add the pressures of the military life style it’s a whole different ballgame. I had a hard time continuing to move forward with my education because of this life style – it’s difficult. You don’t stay in the sameContinue Reading “Going Back to School –Military Wife/Life Style”


Piper Reed Forever Friend Review

I was given the opportunity to review the book Piper Reed Forever Friends by Kimberly Willis Holt this month. Kimberly Willis Holt was a military brat herself and writes different children’s book that are inspired by some of her own childhood adventures. She covers an array of children’s topics, but feels dedicated to the comingContinue Reading “Piper Reed Forever Friend Review”


The Vintage Pearl: Review

The Vintage Pearl began as a creative outlet for a stay at home mom that eventually budded into an online store, and now has a retail studio. The studio is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma and specializes in creating meaningful and unique hand stamped jewelry and keepsakes. Each piece of jewelry they create is handContinue Reading “The Vintage Pearl: Review”