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Cure for the Summertime Toddler Blues

Sure, toddlers and infants don’t go to school yet, but there is something about the long, hot days of summer that makes the time seem to drag on. As any mom knows, there are few things more frustrating than an energetically bored toddler; compiled with a parent who just wants to sit in the coolContinue Reading “Cure for the Summertime Toddler Blues”


The Anxiety of Certainty

For the past eight years my life has been grounded by one certain thing: uncertainty. During college, my now-husband and I knew he would go into active duty, that we could live anywhere, that he could be deployed at any time, and that a number of ever-changing variables could change these plans. Change, in fact,Continue Reading “The Anxiety of Certainty”


Remembering on Memorial Day

Growing up, Memorial Day marked the start of another hazy, humid, and hot summer on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Some years my family went to an Orioles’ game, other years we went sailing on the Chesapeake Bay, and sometimes we just stayed home to avoid the tourist crowds that would swarm into our colonial town. OneContinue Reading “Remembering on Memorial Day”

Military Kids/Special Needs

Month of the Military Child – Giving Thanks

During my first two and a half years as a parent, I’ve discovered myself realizing that many of the clichés regarding what it’s like to be parent are true. It is the toughest but most rewarding job there is, you do love them more than you’ve ever loved anyone, and it is this inexplicable typeContinue Reading “Month of the Military Child – Giving Thanks”