College Savings: Never too Early or too Late

For those parents with young children, the idea of saving for college can seem like a far off and distant worry. Parents may suddenly find themselves only a year or two out from that first semester’s tuition bill with no college savings for their child, and no idea how to start saving. If your childContinue Reading “College Savings: Never too Early or too Late”

Homefront Reviews

Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. But then life happened and I just couldn’t find the time. I often considered why anyone out there would want to read what I had to say on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, I continue to follow several military and lifestyle blogs because, let’s face it- people likeContinue Reading “Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers”


Summer Fitness

Ah, summer. The beach, vacations, camping, and neighborhood BBQs are just a few things most people look forward to when that last school bell rings. But the summer also brings other not-so-pleasant factors: heat, humidity, bugs, the kids home ALL.THE.TIME. Summer is supposed to be a time full of laziness and relaxation, yet it seemsContinue Reading “Summer Fitness”


My Silent Battle

My Silent Battle… My daughter was born in the Fall of 2011. I felt what most new parents feel when their first child is born- elated, infatuated, in love, and terrified. Despite being the youngest of three children, I have always been pretty good with children. My mom was a teacher and I followed inContinue Reading “My Silent Battle”