Don’t Spend Your Money like Congress

My husband and I have always been a frugal couple. We plan our money carefully and we don’t spend what we don’t have (ahem, Congress). We are known as the “boring couple” to our friends and family because we will often turn down extravagant vacation opportunities or dinners out. We would much rather keep ourContinue Reading “Don’t Spend Your Money like Congress”


College Savings: Never too Early or too Late

For those parents with young children, the idea of saving for college can seem like a far off and distant worry. Parents may suddenly find themselves only a year or two out from that first semester’s tuition bill with no college savings for their child, and no idea how to start saving. If your childContinue Reading “College Savings: Never too Early or too Late”

Homefront Reviews

Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. But then life happened and I just couldn’t find the time. I often considered why anyone out there would want to read what I had to say on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, I continue to follow several military and lifestyle blogs because, let’s face it- people likeContinue Reading “Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers”


Summer Fitness

Ah, summer. The beach, vacations, camping, and neighborhood BBQs are just a few things most people look forward to when that last school bell rings. But the summer also brings other not-so-pleasant factors: heat, humidity, bugs, the kids home ALL.THE.TIME. Summer is supposed to be a time full of laziness and relaxation, yet it seemsContinue Reading “Summer Fitness”