The Battle Between Military Spouses

“You don’t wear your service member’s rank.” “All spouses are just that- spouses.” “You didn’t earn the rank. They did. Spouses are all equal regardless of rank.” As the wife of an active duty Marine I hear this quite often, and I believe it fervently. But in the politics that surrounds the military lifestyle, thoseContinue Reading “The Battle Between Military Spouses”

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When the Homefront Rises: Military Spouses Vying for Elected Office

  As election season has entered full force, people are making their political standings known. Our 2016 presidential election has become somewhat of a running joke with little to no real discussions about policies or plans to improve different aspects of our country. Many voters have expressed that we need better, more competent candidates. ButContinue Reading “When the Homefront Rises: Military Spouses Vying for Elected Office”

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Postpartum Depression and the Military Wife

  I stopped recognizing myself. Shortly, after my second daughter was born I knew something was going on with me. The anxiety and quick temper were more than just typical ‘new mom’ stress or baby blues. My husband encouraged me to talk to my doctor, but I was hesitant. Besides the stigma of postpartum depressionContinue Reading “Postpartum Depression and the Military Wife”

Work From Home

Work-from-Home Mommy Guilt: What is Enough?

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost five years. In that time, I have been a writer, a blogger, a small-business owner, a student, and now life has come full circle back to writing and blogging. My husband always tries to remind me that above everything else, I am a wife and a motherContinue Reading “Work-from-Home Mommy Guilt: What is Enough?”