Survivor’s Guilt vs. Friend’s Remorse

Six years ago during my son’s second deployment his unit suffered many casualties. In my desire to learn how to help him through the vast array of emotions I assumed he’d experience I read several articles. Throughout many of them was the term ‘survivor’s guilt’. A term I’d never heard before it intrigued me. It’sContinue Reading “Survivor’s Guilt vs. Friend’s Remorse”


A Day Like No Other

The birds sing cheerily, Families enjoy morning activities, Clear blue skies overhead. Crisp clean air to breathe. A perfect September day A day so much like another.   Yet on that day, All creatures became quiet, Except the cries of the hearts. The clear skies darkened, The air filled with ash and debris, A dayContinue Reading “A Day Like No Other”



We’ve viewed their signs, Then just put them out of our minds. We’ve watched the news and observed How they mock those that served. We’ve read the articles about what they’ve said, To dishonor and torment families of the dead. Unfortunately we tune them out, When they spew their chants and SHOUT, We walk rightContinue Reading “PROTESTORS NO MORE!!!”


Cool Summer Treat: Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips

I discovered this recipe while looking for something refreshing to take to a pool party with some friends. As we were all eating an array of appetizers, one of the guys was eating the fruit salsa like applesauce. I told him that to get the total “ahh” from the salsa he had to put itContinue Reading “Cool Summer Treat: Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Tortilla Chips”