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Month of the Military Child: 6 Books for Children

During the Month of the Military Child, it’s important to recognize that your child serves and sacrifices, too. Military children often go without the love and support of their parents while one, and sometimes both, serve overseas. They transition schools an average of between six and nine times during the course of their academic careers,Continue Reading “Month of the Military Child: 6 Books for Children”

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This School Year Help Your Child Help Himself

As military spouses, we’re no strangers to the road less traveled. For a final exam in a community college history class I taught a number of years back, I took the assessment road less traveled, and it has made all the difference in my understanding of the students with whom I have worked. Instead ofContinue Reading “This School Year Help Your Child Help Himself”


Military Entrepreneurs Get Standing Ovation at GrowCo

At the Country Music Hall of Fame Theater this past week, one standing ovation brought this military spouse to tears (noteworthy only for its exceptionally rare occurrence). From on-stage, Inc. Magazine’s President and Editor-in-Chief Eric Schurenberg called attention to the front row, where a group of Veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs invited by the magazineContinue Reading “Military Entrepreneurs Get Standing Ovation at GrowCo”


Should a 7th Grader Take the SAT?

My 7th grade brother took the SAT in January. Does that catch your attention? Perhaps I should have started with this instead: My 7th grade (much younger than me) brother just outscored the average high school senior on this January’s SAT. Perhaps my preoccupation with college readiness with my own students for the past decadeContinue Reading “Should a 7th Grader Take the SAT?”