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7 Activities for a Spectacular Summer

We all look forward to the summertime, a time where the days are spent outdoors and nights are set aside for BBQ’s. If you are looking for some different summertime ideas that will make this summer stand out above the rest, here are 7 Activities for a Spectacular Summer: If you live near the beachContinue Reading “7 Activities for a Spectacular Summer”


Military Care: It isn’t Always Bad

There has been a lot of talk about how military care in hospitals is beyond terrible, I personally believe that this isn’t just a military problem, but also a civilian one. Military hospitals are far and few while civilian ones are more common. That being said, the military hospitals always get singled out, and becauseContinue Reading “Military Care: It isn’t Always Bad”

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Balancing Going Back to Work and Daycare

The relentless question that always afflicts working but soon-to-be-mothers is, “Should I go back to work when this baby is born?” This is a question which should ultimately be made by you and your partner. Some women prefer to stay home and watch their children grow and achieve milestones in front of their very ownContinue Reading “Balancing Going Back to Work and Daycare”

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Uncomfortable in my Own Skin

A few weeks ago my husband came home telling me that his battalion was having a dinning in and spouses were welcome. Before he even finished his sentence I told him I wasn’t going. You see, I’m pregnant with our first child and I was at that awkward pregnancy stage where I was gaining theContinue Reading “Uncomfortable in my Own Skin”