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Back to School in a New Town

Content Courtesy of USAA Member Community By Briana Hartzell Transitioning from summer’s long days and endless playing is hard enough — add in a new town and a new school, and it can be nerve-wracking! The first and most important step in preparing for a new school year in a new town is to communicateContinue Reading “Back to School in a New Town”

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5 Tips to Slay Your Summer

Already feeling tempted to slack on your fitness this summer? Guard Your Health, a health and wellness campaign for Army National Guard Soldiers, is here to help you reach your health and fitness goals. Use these tips and resources to slay your summer: Challenge accepted: Grab some buddies and take Guard Your Health’s Slay SummerContinue Reading “5 Tips to Slay Your Summer”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids

Guest Post By Jenny Silverstone from Mom Loves Best Are you worried the lifeguard will have to give you CPR this summer for cardiac arrest while you worry over your child’s safety while she’s swimming? Do you wonder what you can do to prevent your child from drowning? Water safety, especially for young children, isContinue Reading “The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Safety For Kids”


April is Financial Literacy Month – Here’s What Military Families Need to Know

It’s no secret that most couples don’t enjoy talking about money, but not addressing this major part of your relationship can cause serious stress. A recent study found that about 30 percent of couples disagree on finances at least once a month. For military couples, who have different financial considerations than their civilian counterparts, itContinue Reading “April is Financial Literacy Month – Here’s What Military Families Need to Know”