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Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part Two

In the last article, I wrote a quick rundown on how to keep an easy budget. To review, you should stick with your budget, whatever you choose, make a weekly or monthly meal plan, and eat what you have so nothing goes to waste. These simple steps will keep you on track budget-wise. I thinkContinue Reading “Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part Two”

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Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part One

It’s the New Year and we’re full of hopeful resolutions. Two of the most common of those are eating healthy and saving money. I’m here to try to tackle them both at once and help you be as successful as we have been in eating healthy on a budget. We weren’t always this way, youContinue Reading “Eating Healthy on a Budget: Part One”


You’re Not Going to Vote, Huh?

There’s been a trend around the Internet lately that I’ve noticed and has boiled my blood a little. I’ve seen it on Facebook, on Twitter, and on blogs. I’ve heard it out on the streets, too. As the big E (that’s the election, by the way) gets closer and closer, I hear it louder andContinue Reading “You’re Not Going to Vote, Huh?”


When You Leave

A few weeks ago, I left on a week-long trip to visit my younger sister and her family. I hadn’t seen them since February during a vacation as we PCS’d to our new duty station, and it was time. I was hurting to see her and my niece, who is only two months older thanContinue Reading “When You Leave”