Veterans Day Discounts 2013

As we celebrate this extremely special holiday I send a big hug and a “thank you” to all those service members past and present, and to their families, thank you for your service as well. Veterans Day this year is Monday, November 11th. Below you will find some great discounts and freebies for Active duty,Continue Reading “Veterans Day Discounts 2013”

Coast Guard National Guard/Reserve

Moving On

As much as our lives change, for military families there is always a feeling of consistency. We can count on moving every few years, count on the chaos. We know we will make new friends and get new jobs. Even though so much of what we go through is crazy and turbulent there is aContinue Reading “Moving On”


Cucumber & Tomato Summer Salad

Ingredients: 2 large cucumbers (hot house are fine) 2 large tomatoes (or a pint of cherry/grape) 1 red onion 1/2 cup olive oil 1 cup red wine vinegar salt and pepper Preparation: Peel cucumber (if you have hot house, you can leave the skin on), cut cucumber in half and with a small spoon scrapContinue Reading “Cucumber & Tomato Summer Salad”