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Suicide in the Military: A Veteran’s Point of View

I have recently changed professions and have found myself with an hour and a half long commute to my starting point. According to some surveys regarding the suicide rate among United States veterans, three vets take their own lives during my commute, or twenty-two veterans a day. While this number has come under a goodContinue Reading “Suicide in the Military: A Veteran’s Point of View”


The True Meaning of “Hero”

As a community, we have become rather cavalier with the use of the word hero. Ballplayers, community leaders, congressmen making speeches, all called heroes within the last week by my nightly news. Maybe to some they are, maybe my definition is clouded by experience, or maybe I’m too hard on the lawmakers and ballplayers. ItContinue Reading “The True Meaning of “Hero””

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Hiring Vets: Corporate America Benefits While Vets Suffer

There are currently thousands of homeless veterans on the streets of American cities, and thousands more struggle with unemployment. The reasons range from a higher instance of drug and alcohol abuse, incorrect treatment of/or failure to diagnose, service related injury such as PTSD, severe anxiety, and poverty. The VA, along with an executive order byContinue Reading “Hiring Vets: Corporate America Benefits While Vets Suffer”

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Quid Pro Quo: Contract Marriage in the Military

Somewhere in Seattle, a 17 year old high school student lives at home, goes to school during the day, and has a part time job in the evenings and weekends. He pays for the gas for his car, spending money for the nights out with his friends and, because of the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare),Continue Reading “Quid Pro Quo: Contract Marriage in the Military”