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It’s Time We Had the Talk

I collaborated with Starbucks to share my story on bridging the civilian-military drift. Since 2013, Starbucks has hired more than 10,000 military spouses and veterans and is committed to hiring at least 15,000 more. On Aug. 21, Starbucks launched a national campaign encouraging the 99% of Americans who haven’t served to start a new conversationContinue Reading “It’s Time We Had the Talk”


More Than Just a Pet: Saying Goodbye to My Longtime Sidekick

There can be a lot of loneliness attached to being a military wife. We spend countless hours, days, weeks, and months away from the people we said ‘I do’ to, and often longer from our extended family. It makes it no surprise that furry friends take on a role so much deeper than the labelContinue Reading “More Than Just a Pet: Saying Goodbye to My Longtime Sidekick”

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Veteran Finds His Voice in Community Engagement

JACKSONVILLE, N.C. – A voice emerged amongst many to stand for a few. Dwight Bletcher, a Marine veteran, discovered he had a knack for advocacy in the unlikeliest of ways. The 31-year old recently transitioned out of the military and found himself on a path of politics and community engagement. While his days in theContinue Reading “Veteran Finds His Voice in Community Engagement”


Happy Anniversary from Across the Globe

When I close my eyes I can still remember the first time our eyes met at the altar. As I walked up the aisle and saw you standing so majestic in your Dress Blues, I thanked God for helping me find the exact person I was met to spend my forever with. I reflect onContinue Reading “Happy Anniversary from Across the Globe”