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Finding Time to Relax: 3 Helpful Tips for Moms

In order to relax you need to find the time to do so, and that’s not always easy given the fact that moms have busy schedules as well as hectic home lives to match. You can’t magic extra time in the day out of thin air (even though many of us secretly wish for moreContinue Reading “Finding Time to Relax: 3 Helpful Tips for Moms”


The Big Give Back: How Macy’s is Supporting Our Military Families

This is a sponsored conversation. I was gifted a Macy’s gift card and compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I must admit that while I love shopping, I don’t make as much time to do so as I have done in the past. With technology today, I tend to turnContinue Reading “The Big Give Back: How Macy’s is Supporting Our Military Families”

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Ditching the Working Mom Summer Guilt

Summer break is here and while many of the moms I know are planning out their summer activities of places to go, things to see, days lounging by the pool and spending quality time with their children – for me, these next 11 weeks will look the same as all other weeks of the year.Continue Reading “Ditching the Working Mom Summer Guilt”


5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment

After you come home from a deployment, it could be hard to reintegrate yourself back into normal life. It’s not easy to slide right back into your family life, with friends and relatives dropping by as before. You’ve changed, and so have things back home. While it’s a challenge to find decent communication grounds reconnectContinue Reading “5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment”