5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment

After you come home from a deployment, it could be hard to reintegrate yourself back into normal life. It’s not easy to slide right back into your family life, with friends and relatives dropping by as before. You’ve changed, and so have things back home. While it’s a challenge to find decent communication grounds reconnectContinue Reading “5 Tips For Settling After A Deployment”

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5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym 

According to Web MD, while it is not all that difficult to start working on your fitness levels by joining a gym, the hard part is sticking to it. As your enthusiasm and energy wane and life distractions abound, many of us will throw in the towel. There are, however techniques you can use toContinue Reading “5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym “

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How A Lifestyle of Fitness Can Change Your Life

You know you should work out today, but there are always so many excuses. You’re busy, tired, and sometimes the gym can be so crowded, intimidating, and even far away. However, there are also many ways to battle these excuses, and it starts with making fitness a priority. Fitness does more than strengthen and nourishContinue Reading “How A Lifestyle of Fitness Can Change Your Life”

Military Kids/Special Needs

5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (Without all the Nagging)

How often do you find yourself asking your kids to do something? Especially when it is something that is clearly NOT their interests? It can be frustrating and to the point where the only way they understand is if you are either raising your voice or losing your mind. Don’t stress, we’ve all been there. Rethink YourContinue Reading “5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (Without all the Nagging)”