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Meghan Williams

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Megan serves as the HUN’s Engagement Coordinator for SpouseTalks, connecting all spouses and branches. She met her husband seven years into his Army career – just as he was transitioning from the National Guard to Active Duty. Marrying a soldier was never on her radar, but life had other plans. Eight years, two war zones, and four duty stations later – she has learned that this life isn’t just about surviving – it’s about thriving. At the beginning of her husband’s second deployment, Megan began blogging at To Love A Soldier and recently expanded her blogging journey to write about her youngest son who was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in early 2013. Through writing she found her strength to live this life to the fullest. Her time spent as a Mobilization and Deployment Instructor with Army Community Services has given her great insight into the importance of a strong, dedicated Army Family. Megan firmly believes that every day, every challenge, serves a purpose and whether we thrive through this life or not has everything to do with whether we choose to embrace it or reject it.

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