What Kind of Exercise Should I Do in the Morning?
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What Kind of Exercise Should I Do in the Morning?

According to numerous fitness studies, morning exercises are better than exercises at any other time. In addition to keeping you fit, you will also be active during the day, improve your mood and reduce the chances of having accidents in your other physical activities. Who would not want all these in one package? However, not all exercises out there are the best for your A.M. routines. Even seasoned trainers and athletes who use legal steroids like the trenbolone blend have carefully selected morning exercises. So, which are these workouts you need in the morning before heading to your other errands?

Running or Brisk Walking

Do you live near a beach, forested area or just an estate? You can make it a routine to take a jog in the morning on a couple of days in a week. When done outside, the body can breathe in fresh air, rejuvenate and give you fresh energy. However, running on a treadmill back in the house will almost provide similar results. The health benefits that come with this schedule include weight loss, toning the muscles and staying active throughout the day. The bones like the spine also get stronger with every run.

Jumping Jacks

Most women all over the world chose this as their morning exercise after Michelle Obama, the former first lady of the United States, declared that this is her favorite exercise in the morning. Becoming a jumper in chief in the morning is beneficial whether you are a man or woman.

The best thing about jumping jacks is that they are easy and do not require any fitness equipment. All you need is space to jump as you spread legs and arms apart. Rather than counting the number of reps you do, focus on a timed session.


Squats feature in many categories of workouts because they are an all-time best exercise. The type of squats can vary depending on the trainer. Beginners need plain squats with arms in front and parallel to the ground. Go up and down for 10 to 15 reps. Then, rest and start all over again. A variation for seasoned trainers can include dumbbells of medium weight to make the exercises more effective.

With squats, your lower body will remain fit at all times. Squats go beyond just physical benefits for women. Just like men, women can also benefit from the improved mood provided by exercises like squats. The pelvic floor muscles also get exercised for better sexual performance.

Balancing Table Pose

Coordinating the upper body, the core and the lower body in one exercise are great for any morning. Balancing table pose seems simple from its appearance, but its effects are unmatched. The best starting position is going on your knees and then bringing your palms on the ground to form a table top on your back. Bring the right hand and the left leg in the air parallel to the ground and hold in position for 30 seconds. Exchange and do the same with the other alternating hand and leg.

With the above workouts in the morning, your days will never be the same again. Further, your physical fitness will start to improve with time for the best results. If you are struggling to lose weight, these simple exercises will help you achieve your dreams.


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