Pokies explained in relation to slots

Gambling can come in many different shapes and sizes these days, with there being a plethora of different avenues that 21st-century gamblers can take, from the classic world of sports betting, all the way through to the exponentially expanding online casino market. There is one gambling game, however, that stands head and shoulders above the rest nowadays, and that is the amazing world of slots and online slots like Eye of Horus.

Ever since Charles D. Fey first released his famous Liberty Bell machine slot gambling has been on an upwards trajectory, but now with the emergence of online slots, it has reached the pinnacle of its existence. Gamblers will often hear the world pokies exclaimed in relation to slots, especially in certain parts of the world, but what exactly does this mean? Read on for an article on pokies explained in relation to slots. 

What is a pokie? 

First things first, what even is a pokie? Well, a pokie is a mechanical gambling game that works with a set of spinning reels with various symbols available. Gamblers wager a bet on each spin, and if they are lucky to get some matching symbols they will then receive a payout. But hang on a minute? This seems very familiar, doesn’t it? 

Well, it sounds familiar because it is! For a pokie is simply another way of referring to slot machines. Over the years the term pokie has been used across the world, however, it seems as though it hasn’t had quite as much success as the term “slots”. 

How did the term originate and where? 

So, the next thing to explore the term pokie is how it originated and where. Most gambling experts will agree that the word pokie probably relates to the act of “poking” a slot machine, and the term is the most heavily used in places like Australia and New Zealand. In fact, in these countries, you might even find that the term pokie is used much more than the term slots. 

And anyway, this shouldn’t be too surprising to people especially considering how much the English dialect is liable to change in Australia and New Zealand. The term pokie does also seem like it is perfectly suited for iconic New Zealand and Australian accents too, it just doesn’t get better! 

Are pokies the same as slots? 

A bit of clarification is most probably needed here, as beginner gamblers in particular will no doubt be confused by the distinction between pokies and slots. The most important question to answer is this: are pokies the same as slots? The short answer is yes, yes they are. In fact, pokies are completely the same as slots; it is more of a difference in dialect than anything else. 

However, with that being said, there are some Australian and New Zealand gambling games that go under the name of pokies and are ever so slightly different from the traditional slot machines we all know and love. 


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