Keeping your Kids’ Brains Active this Summer
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Keeping your Kids’ Brains Active this Summer

Whether your children are homeschooled or attend public or private school, children will continuously learn and grow their minds through the curriculum being taught to them throughout the school year.  There are great benefits to continuing education over the summer, but whether your children go to school or are homeschooled, many kids don’t want to feel like they are still in school during their precious summer months no matter how important it may be to keep their brains active over the summer.

Here are some ideas in and out of the home over the summer that will keep kids’ brains sharp in several subjects and will be fun for them!


It’s almost a given that the last thing your child will want to do is solve math equations over the summer. Luckily, there are fun and creative ways you can incorporate math into your kids’ summer season! Make a fun shopping challenge at a local thrift store where you give your children a small amount of money and see if they can pick out the most things that they can afford with the money given to them! At home, plan some family cooking activities together like baking cookies! Your kids can learn math by helping with the measurements. (What kid will say no to cookies?)


The food-related learning is not limited to math, because the sure-fire way kids will enjoy getting their knowledge on is with some food science activities! Making homemade Popsicles or ice cream will not only make them feel like junior chemists, but they also will be able to enjoy the sweet and cool treats they’ve made in the nice summer weather!

Embark on a summer nature study by taking the kids out to a state park or some local nature trails and try to identify flora and fauna or even types of clouds in the sky. On a clear summer night, study the stars together by pointing out constellations and if you have a telescope, even better! A trip to a local zoo is also a great way to engage in some summer learning with some animal fun! Check the zoo’s schedule as they often have specific educational programs and events throughout the summer.


It is common for educators to encourage children to read over the summer, but you can make it feel less like homework and much more fun by starting a kid’s book club for your children and their friends!  They can get together once a week and talk about their favorite characters and stories from the book chosen while sharing some snacks and refreshing drinks.

Visiting your local library with your children and letting them choose what books they want to read is also a great way to get them more excited to read over the summer. Many libraries are evolving with the times and even allow you to download and “check out” e-books to your tablets and other devices! A perfect way to allow your kids to have a much more enriching “screen time” this summer!

Geography and History

Studying maps and the lay of the land is a fun learning experience for kids. There is free Google services like Google Earth and Google street view that allows you to take virtual trips almost anywhere around the globe! Make a Google Earth scavenger hunt and let kids “travel” from destination to destination checking off different landmarks, teaching them where things are in relation to each other along the way.

Planning a trip to historical landmarks or museums near where your family lives is a great opportunity to learn. Taking the kids directly to a place, like Washington D.C, where they can stand right where history took place is a great way to get them interested in learning more and can often make a fun summer family trip as well! Here is a great guide of the best things to see in Washington D.C.


Arts and crafts around the home are especially great for hands-on learners and it can be as easy as enjoying a summer staple like creating art with sidewalk chalk. Having kids work together on a sidewalk chalk mural is a good way to get them to work together to create something greater!

Visiting art museums and galleries is another great way to educate the kids outside the home and they can see a variety of mediums of art. They may even want to revisit the library to check out some books on art as well.

Rainy Day Learning

Whether you are a homeschooling parent or not, there is a variety of enriching and entertaining educational video content available through various homeschool curricula from using services available right at home. Pure Flix offers a robust homeschooling curriculum that covers all sorts of school subjects here. Summer movie nights are always enjoyable for kids, but even if the content is more educational, having the kids kick back on a rainy day and enjoy some content that is sure to broaden their minds is a wise choice!

What are some of the ways you like to keep your kids’ brains active over the summer? Share in the comments below!


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