8 Pin-Worthy Summer Fun Ideas

8 Pin-Worthy Summer Fun Ideas

Summer is here, which means time to start scanning Pinterest pages for fun ideas to keep busy. While the majority of us can only dream of pulling off a successful ‘Pin-worth’ experience to perfection, summer is for fun and silliness. I’ve made white chocolate dipped Oreos for 4th of July, several attempts at slime and oobleck, and even made football field seven-layer dip. Pinterest is full of fun things, that if you don’t take them or yourself too seriously, can provide hours of endless fun. Here are some of my favorite summer fun ideas.

8 Pin-Worthy Summer Fun Ideas

  1. From Frugal Living Coupon, we have a Summer Bucket List post. Here you will find inside and outside fun, messy fun and quiet projects. Build a flower crown, a water piñata and do some night bowling!
  2. Here on the East Coast, there are more than a few days that I can’t even consider going outside. The heat and the humidity are just too much. The idea of sitting in front of the tv almost seems rather boring! We can do that anytime. Never fear, the Kid Activity Blog has Thirty+ Indoor Games for Kids.
  3. Summer is a time for the kiddies to enjoy, but it never hurts to include some educational fun. A couple months ago I purchased a bulk pack of sidewalk chalk knowing that if all else fails my kids will always be down for decorating my driveway. I stumbled across this great post from What Moms Love about including learning in your sidewalk chalk fun! Days of the week hopscotch anyone?
  4. As the stay-at-home mom of three, we are on a budget. It was a significant thing for us to purchase a membership to our neighborhood pool. We can walk there every day and that’s our activity for the summer. So, how can you have fun while still staying budget conscious? Mother’s Niche has some great ideas on budget-friendly summer activities.
  5. If number four wasn’t enough, Buzz-feed went to one of my favorite stores (sorry Target, it’s not just you that I adore) and came up with a list of 29 finds to keep kids busy this summer.
  6. One of the coolest things I’ve seen on Pinterest lately is food that you can regrow from water! This particular post is part of my personal summer bucket-list! What a fun and unique summertime activity. The kids are home and can see it happen before their very eyes. Blogger, Tiffany from Don’t Waste the Crumbs shares 10 Ways to Regrow Food in Water. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
  7. If you’re like me you love planning. I’m an organizer, a list maker, a paper planner kind of girl. Don’t ask me to sync my iPhone calendar or link to google. I have no idea what you’re talking about. So to fuel my love of planning, organize the kid’s time, and keep them from sitting in front of the tv every second we aren’t at the pool I printed out this wonderful summer calendar from Modern Parents, Messy Kids blog.
  8. As the mother of boys, it has become clear to me that they are quite different than my daughter. Don’t get me wrong, she can rough and tumble with the best of them. But when she is ready to sit down and make a bead craft, the boys could care less. This blog post has some messy versions of summer fun that is bound to keep the boys, AND GIRLS, in your life busy!!

Summer can be a super fun time for the family, creative thinking, messy fun and endless opportunities to explore. If the Pinterest rabbit hole is a little over-whelming hopefully these ideas will keep you busy until school rolls around.


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