Game Review: Legends of Cleopatra

Game Review: Legends of Cleopatra

The Ancient Egyptians are widely regarded as being one of the first human civilizations to properly incorporate gambling into their culture, so no wonder there has been a wealth of slots that take this remarkable society as a theme. And, who is one of the most famous Ancient Egyptians in history? That’s right, it’s the historically beautiful Cleopatra – is there anything better to base an online slot on then this stunning Queen? Not for developers Playson who have knocked out a remarkable slot in Legends of Cleopatra. If you want you can play this one at Slotsbaby. But, for now, let’s take a better look.

About the Game and its Bonus Features

The graphics in Legends of Cleopatra are some of the best available in today’s current online slot world, doing the Egyptian queen of queens the utmost justice. In homage to the popular conception of Cleopatra, she is represented as a beautiful, almost godlike character and appears only during the bonus round, further accentuating the special aura surrounding her. Playson set the scene with gilded reels that appear in front of the Queen’s very own personal bath, they also add in a perfect soundtrack that fully succeeds in setting the scene.

An interesting part of Legends of Cleopatra is its reel configuration; in a break from traditional games, Playson has opted for a 6 reel format with varying rows of symbols. They start on 2 and progress up to 5 on the right of the screen, an interesting touch that can result in some big wins. What you will really want to encounter when playing this online slot is the golden wild, this pays up to 100x your bet and can also substitute for any other icon apart from the scatter. Another one you will want to look out for is the scatter symbol, this can trigger up to 15 free spins, very nice indeed.

Legends of Cleopatra: About Playson and Other Online Slots by Them

Another development that has taken up a base on the wonderful island of Malta, Playson were established in 2012 and are hence relative newcomers to the online slot market. But, far from being a bad thing, this actually means that they must try as hard as possible to break onto the scene of popular games. Subsequently, their games, of which Legends of Cleopatra is a great example, are consistently wicked across the board, especially in terms of their graphical content. Just have a look at some of their other titles:

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Final Verdict

You’re not going to find a better looking online slot in many other places, that’s for sure. The graphics here perfectly match the legendary Cleopatra, and the unique reel format means that Legends of Cleopatra has an innovative edge to it that will appeal to many avid gamblers. In an often saturated market (especially when it comes to the Ancient Egypt theme), this online slot stands out as an expertly developed piece of casino entertainment.


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