New Baby Won’t Sleep? 7 Tips To Help

New Baby Won’t Sleep? 7 Tips To Help

Baby’s Sleep’- You must have heard this term enough and might have experienced it also. It means a tight eyed sleep with no disturbance and the one that gives the satisfaction of a proper siesta. Babies might sleep very well but putting them to sleep is a task.

They take a while to get into a deep sleep and might not even catch sleep due to various reasons. Thus, parents battle out and try various pillow positions and sing lullabies to the little one to put the kid to sleep. How else can one put the baby to sleep easily?

It won’t be surprising to call this a million dollar question. One of the problems parents face with a newborn is staying wake with the baby for nights and days and almost struggling to get the baby to sleep. Hence, the sleepless-night rants you will hear from any new parent.

If you are looking out some tips and tricks to help you put your newborn to sleep, we have some for you.

Firstly is very important to keep the room as dark as you can for the baby to fall asleep. A lot of times babies cannot bear the light on the eyes which discomforts them while going to sleep.

The other ways you can try to put your little one in a catnap are:

1. Fix a place

If you think the baby is drowsy in your arms don’t wait to swing her to sleep and then make him/her lie down. That’s not gonna work. If the baby’s eye opens in the middle of his sleep he will notice the change of environment which might break his sleep. Plan on to put him to bee just when at a drowsy stage.

2. Hot water bag in the pack n play

This is especially for places that are colder. Also, if your baby’s room has an AC. Try to keep a hot water bag in the crib. The bag might emit slight heat which will bring cozy vibes to the baby.

3. Make sure the diaper is fresh

Once you know it is baby’s sleep time ensure you change him to a fresh set if diaper. An old diaper can get irritating for the baby who is either trying to sleep or in the middle of his sleep. It is a better idea any day to maintain a fresh diaper just before the baby’s nap time. Also, it is good to buy good quality diapers that are comfortable for the baby.

4. Massage to the rescue

A lot of issues can be solved with a massage including to get a baby to sleep. Baby massages are a wider phenomenon. It helps the baby’s muscle growth. Scheduling a massage just before the baby’s nap time will put him to doze off easily. In case a full-fledged massage is not scheduled then you may try to give a subtle rub to the baby’s back that will help him fall asleep.

5. Make it a routine

The best way to not make the kids sleeping a worrisome is to set a routine beforehand. Plan a routine with nap times included. Try to inculcate the habit within the child to follow the routine. This will automatically set sleeping hours of the baby and won’t create any difficulty for the parent to put the newborn to sleep.

6. Lookout for cues

A baby might drop hints in his behavior to notify that its nap time. The most obvious of them is yawns. Other signals could be the baby might cringe, he might blink his eyes more often and so on. The signs differ from baby to baby. You have to get to know your baby’s signals before he wants to snooze off.

7. Clock the napping

Don’t let your baby oversleep. At least during the day, it’s a big No No! This might keep him awake during the night which can become an issue later. While planning his or her sleep routines, decide on nap time and fix it at that. Wake your baby up within that much of time in order to be sure of the next sleep schedule.

These are some simple suggestions that can come to your rescue in order to put the newborn to sleep. Remember, it is important to form a discipline around your baby’s sleep schedule to train your baby for his or her nap hours.


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  1. Great tips! Sleep time is tough when you have a little one. Use anything that makes it better! I will have to look into it if we have a second kid!

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