Why Should You Choose a Civilian Lawyer To Defend You

As a military officer, the government will give you the opportunity to get legal help from a free attorney. If you’re getting a free attorney from the government, why should you pick an expensive civilian lawyer to defend you?

The fact that you landed on this post means that you are concerned about the experience of the free attorney and wish to be defended by the best lawyers in your area. Let’s face it, when you are up against the government, and they are after your job, and everything else that you have made in your life, having an experienced lawyer is crucial.

If you lose your case against the government, you’ll lose more than just your job. Your freedom will be taken away, you’ll no longer be eligible for future jobs, your retirement will jeopardize, and you may even find it hard to bond as a married couple with your spouse.

Some of these concerns may sound extreme to you, but believe it or not, they do happen to people who are entangled in the military justice system. Having an experienced lawyer is crucial because if you go through a military conviction and OTH separation, it would be impossible to bring your life back to where it was.

Government Attorneys Won’t Fight Your Case If You’re Charged

Did you know that military and government cases do not assign you a lawyer until you have been charged? This is something a lot of people are unaware of. And when you have finally been charged and you try to seek help from the free attorney, it is usually very late and most of the times these attorney’s won’t make time to fight your case.

In other words, if you haven’t been formally charged yet or you’re under investigation, you won’t have access to a government lawyer. So it is best to find a civilian lawyer to help you fight back and avoid being charged.

Why Having An Experienced Lawyer Is Crucial

Military domestic situations are very messed up and confusing. They are influenced by military regulations, procedures, divorce and criminal laws, and as well as Federal statutes. When all of these come in play, fighting a case becomes hard.

This is why having an experienced lawyer is crucial for military personnel. With the right lawyer, you can easily fight through any given case. Just make sure to hire a lawyer that has knowledge in fighting government cases like yours.

The best way to hire an experienced lawyer is to visit a reputable law firm. Law firms have many talented and experienced lawyers ready to fight any kind of case. They have their specialty areas where they have fought many cases in the past.

By visiting a law firm, you are bound to find an attorney who has fought a legal battle like yours. Just talk to them about your legal problem and let them do the rest.


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