Military Community: One of the World’s Strongest Communities

Military Community: One of the World’s Strongest Communities

The things that unite us are far more powerful than the differences that divide us. We are a community; every man, woman, and child who has a family member serving his or her nation. We are united as one cohesive family even if we may never know the names, faces or stories of many of our brothers and sisters. To find the strength to overcome the obstacles which have become a part of daily life for each and every one of us we must band together.

We must offer unconditional support, empathy and compassion to each person to help them overcome their own unique hurdles.

Some individuals may find kinship in those who face similar obstacles; Marine wives may find it easier to relate to and form powerful bonds of friendship with other Marine wives. Alternatively perhaps an Army reservist’s wife will form the most profound friendship with an Air Force spouse. No one can know where these unlikely yet life-altering relationships will form but it is imperative that we clear the path for whatever may come. It would be profoundly unfair to close an individual out of this community, this loving family, simply due to the fact that they may be experiencing trials and tribulations that fall outside of what the majority must contend with.

We’re in This Together…

If you play the game of who has it worse, be acutely aware that in winning you have nothing to show for it by a Pyrrhic victory. You may win in making yourself feel that your struggles are more justifiable than those of your brothers and sisters, but those who you have so mercilessly torn down will have lost more than a simple challenge; they will have lost the feeling of belonging to this sublime family of which we are all apart. I commend each and every family member who has spent long nights thinking, “what if they get deployed” or, “what if they never make it home.” I can relate to that deep seeded fear of seeing a military car pull into your driveway carrying nothing but heartache. I have a deep respect and admiration for every single military family member who has the strength to put on a brave face in the morning, set aside their worries and stresses that come with the territory, and thrive in this life. 

Take a moment to remember that you aren’t in this alone. You stand as part of one of the world’s strongest communities.

To the families who stand behind the men and women who serve on the land, in the air, and on the sea. Whether they serve part-time or full-time or if they’re downrange or safe in bed every night. Stand together, not apart.


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