Want to Unclutter Your House? Here Are Simple Storage Tips for Your Next PCS

Want to Unclutter Your House? Here Are Simple Storage Tips for Your Next PCS

Your house is getting cluttered; it’s happening because you are so busy in your life and you have little time left to spend on cleaning. Even worse still, is the longer you leave it, the messier the house will get. And with PCS season looming, the last thing you need is more clutter!

The thing you need is the right way to declutter quickly to be able to get more out of your life, with the accessibility of properly storing items you still want to hold on to.

Self storage units Hialeah provide different storage solutions to protect the items that are very important to you. Follow all these tips to get ingenious ways to use the storage space rental for the personal and business items.

Finding A Self-Storage Unit

Before renting the storage space, make sure that the self-storage unit is in your local area, says OmniKey Realty Management. It’ll be easier and you’ll probably spend less money to store your stuff closer to you. Before you make your decision, you need to be comfortable with the following storage services:

  • The self-storage units and mini storage space provided in the self-storage facility have a suitable size for all the items.
  • You’re allowed to access the self-storage any time.
  • The weather control at the particular self-storage is satisfactory for all the requirements specifically when you are planning to store your business items or archive records.
  • Self-storage is usually neat and well-maintained.

Packing for Public-Storage

The majority of public storage space provide long-lasting packing containers in different sizes that help protect the items and keep them safe and sound for very long periods. Make sure you pack your items in a way that it is easy to access in the future and arrange the stock of what you’ve packed and its location in the storage unit. A few other packing and storage tips include:

  • Opt for high-quality packing containers and packing supplies and buy containers of a small or similar size that’ll be easy to pile so you’ll save the extra space.
  • Paste sticker label on all the packing containers properly, stick the labels on more than one side to be able to find the items easily.
  • Steer clear of packing your items in sealed plastic material bags, because the moisture content may damage the items.

Organizing The Self-Storage Units

Make sure that you remember a couple of important points when organizing the self-storage. First and foremost, organize your things in a way so that you can effortlessly access them when required. The second thing is, store them according to weight and size. Apart from all these, things you have to bear in mind are:

  • Professional public storage space has carts that help in transporting heavy boxes or items.
  • Store large and heavy items at the back of the storage unit.
  • In case there are a handful of things that you want to access regularly, keep them at the front end of the storage unit.

If you still need extra space to fulfill your storage requirement, you can also store your things in public self-storage units. They’re usually set up or arranged on the top of your house.


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