Running Out Of Luch Ideas For Your Kids? Check These Out!

Running Out Of Luch Ideas For Your Kids? Check These Out!

Let’s be honest. Your sandwich routine isn’t doing any favors to your kids. No kid wants to have a sandwich all year long. Monotony or continuous routine will easily bore kids, and eventually, your kids will start trading in their lunch for something different and exciting.

There are many simple lunches you can prepare for your kids before they head out to school. With a little creativity, you’ll have them excited not only for school, but also for the lunch period. You’ll need to stock things in bulk. You can take advantage of wholesale almonds and other items. Consider the following lunch ideas for your kids.

Fruity chicken balls

Let’s begin with a simple meal to make. Fruity chicken balls, as the name states, are a combination of chicken and fruits. Your kids will get the nutrients they need while slowly munching in on this beautiful meal. You can serve them as a main meal with a salad and chocolate on the side.

Pizza pancakes

If your kids love pizza, consider preparing pizza pancakes! Your kids will be the envy of the crowd in the cafeteria. It’s quite simple! All you need to make the pizza pancakes is pepperoni, cheese, tomatoes, and bell peppers. You can add pepper if your kids like a little spice on their food. Cheesy pepperoni pizza sticks are another alternative to consider.

Barbecue chicken cups

This can be packed with a salad on the side. Have your kids enjoy this wonderful meal by slicing some chicken and topping with BBQ sauce. It’s simple to make and will take you less than about 10 minutes to prepare.

Deli meat roll-ups

This is prepared by rolling sliced deli turkey, roasted beef, and ham around cheese sticks. You can add cheese and even some greens to spice things up. To make it more interesting, you can pack it accompanied with whole-wheat pretzels.

Vegetable sushi

With just leftover rice and cooked fish, you can prepare an exciting meal. You’ll also need salmon and black sesame onigiri. This meal goes well with sushi condiments, raspberries, and edamame.

Cold noodle salads

Imagine the joy on your kid’s face when they finally open their lunch box to see the beautiful and delicious arrangement. This meal comprises of soba noodles with wilted bok choy, soba noodle salad, miso roasted asparagus, and classic chicken pasta. You can add cubed chicken peas and chocolate raisins to make things interesting.


In as much as waffles might be more of a breakfast meal, they can be a part of a great lunch with the right combination. You can have your waffles and fruits on one side and cheese with cucumbers on the other side. You can also decide to prepare waffle sandwich by using peanut butter or cream cheese.

English muffin pizza

If you need your kids getting extra fiber, then this is the meal to prepare. Using whole grain English muffins, your children will have all the nutrients they need. Add some olives and a dessert on the side to complete the meal.


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