Advantages of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

Advantages of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace

When companies begun to conduct drug tests, most people saw this as a punitive process intended for specific kind of people. However, this is not the case nowadays as the process is being considered a great tool when it comes to hiring employees.

Drug testing is usually important for an organization as it   also plays a big role in ensuring maximum level of productivity from the employees among other things that can lead to the success of the company. In most companies, if you are looking to be hired, you will be required to pass a drug test before and after you are hired.

However, most of the times you will be required to take a drug test after being hired only if your employer finds a reasonable suspicion of any form of drug usage. Even with the legalization of things like marijuana in some states, you can still get in trouble when they fail a drug test. Failing a drug test can always turn into termination of your contract at your work place, going for rehabilitation and even saying goodbye to any benefits that you could have been enjoying as an employee.

Most people would agree that conducting a pre-employment drug test is among the effective ways to identify the employees using illicit drugs in the work place. But for some, the best way to eliminate the use of illicit drugs in the work place is by conducting a random drug test. This will completely eradicate the idea of using these drugs during work hours. With that being said, let us look at more advantages of random drug tests. See more on drug tests here

Employee safety

Regardless of what work you are doing, you should always ensure that your safety is guaranteed. There are some jobs that requires full concentration as they are considered to be dangerous even when doing them completely sober.

For instance, those working with heavy equipment should always be at their best as any effects caused by the use of drugs can bring great damage both to the employee and the business. Also, if your job entails working with sharp objects or dangerous materials such as a gas then you should completely stay away from substance abuse.

This is why a random drug test usually comes in handy as it helps to ensure that the employees are not under any drug influence and therefore ensuring the safety of the employees and the business as well.

Increase productivity level

In most work places, alcohol and drug abuse have been a major problem affecting even the employers themselves. However, instead of looking for an early solution, most people would prefer to try and hide it until it becomes too late.

Well, seeking the help of a professional can help save the situation otherwise, the problem can develop to become very serious to the extent of addiction or even causing accidents. This can in turn affect your business progression as the employee won’t be able to maintain the productivity level that is required.

When the production goes low or when you start producing substandard products to meet the market needs, you might also lose your customers and with no customers there’s no business, right? However, if your employees are aware of the company’s culture of conducting random drug tests, the usage of these substances will greatly reduce and even those already affected with the problem can start looking for early help as they seek to improve their situation in the work place.


Perhaps you managed to pass the pre-employment screening and got hired before you picked up a habit of using drugs later on. Since it is something that you just started recently, you must have built a good reputation and a great work portfolio for yourself as this might be among the reasons why you got hired.

As mentioned before, failing a drug test doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to be fired automatically. Some companies usually prefer offering some help to those people with drug problems especially if they are quite skilled and talented at what they do. This always helps in retaining those with great talent and are valuable to the business.

Motivating employees to change

No one is always guaranteed a smooth life. At some point, things usually doesn’t go the way we want them to and as a result we may experience a few difficulties here and there whether in your personal life or professionally.

Well, some people have mastered different ways to deal with the resulting pressure and disappointments while other will always resort to the use of illicit drugs and alcohol. This can usually develop to be quite serious that the person wouldn’t even be willing to accept that he or she has a problem and needs help.

Random drug tests can therefore be very much useful as no one usually knows when the next drug test process is hence they will be striving to keep clean at all times.

Avoiding potential problems

It is also important for businesses organizations and companies to conduct drug tests so as to avoid any potential problems that might come as a result of drugs and substance abuse.

Pre-employment screening can help you weed out any long term or heavy users of different drugs and substances while random drug tests can help in identifying those who have been engaging in drugs and substance abuse during work hours or employment period.

This way, even when someone passed the pre-employment screening, he can still be identified and therefore necessary measures can be taken against him.

Using drugs can lead to a lot of employee related issues such as low concentration during work which also leads to low productivity and also the employee always coming late to work or even fails to show up completely. With random drug tests, you can always identify these people and deal with them early enough to avoid any problems in future.


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