Why Online Reading Has Become So Popular

Why Online Reading Has Become So Popular

You may spend a lot of your free time reading online.

The online reading community grows by the day. No matter where you go, you’ll always find one or two people reading using electronic devices.

People who used to read hard copy books wonder what makes online reading so enjoyable. Well, here are a few reasons to love reading books online. 

  • Portability

The most common reason is portability. Because you can read any book you want using your smartphone, it becomes convenient to move around with your favorite book without having to carry a big bag. Unlike hard copy, online books aren’t bulky, making them fit in the smallest of purses.

  • Capacity

Hard copy books contain many pages that end up taking more space. At most, you can only afford to move around with one or two books at a time. Online reading allows you to take as many books with you as you want on your device, depending on the capacity it can hold.

  • Privacy

Imagine reading books like the Fifty Shades of Grey series on the bus, and all eyes are on you. Small murmurs here and there until you become entirely uncomfortable. Online reading provides you with the privacy you need to read on any genre depending on your taste and preferences.

  • Easy to take notes

Reading requires one to take notes or highlighting for future reference. With online reading, you don’t need to carry around a notepad and a pen while reading your favorite book. Reading apps provide you with ways to quickly write notes or highlight on the page. In the end, you can export your notes, and you have a personalized resume of the books you read.

  • Foreign language learning

Books are one of the best ways to learn a new language. However, this can be tiresome, mainly because you have to keep checking the dictionary for meanings. Learning a new language using online books is quite easy. Whenever you find a word you don’t understand, highlight the word, and the online dictionary like the one found on https://softfamous.com/madura-english-sinhala/ ¬†translates or defines the word.¬†

  • No losing pages

Often, with hard copies, you may keep losing pages of books which can make you frustrated, especially if the missing pages included the ending. Sometimes, you could be in a hurry and forget the book in the park or restaurant. Other times, you could give a friend an exciting book which would eventually get lost or torn. Now, you can comfortably read until the last word without the fear of losing any content. Online reading provides a safe place to store your book.

  • Free books

Online reading has an extensive collection of books. No matter who the writer is, you can easily access them using any device. Also, some of the books are offered for free on different reading apps. You can read many books for free or pay the subscription fee to unlock more books.


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