No Babysitter? No Problem! 5 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas
Date Your Spouse

No Babysitter? No Problem! 5 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas

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Almost every relationship column you read will state in order to keep sparks flying, you have to date your spouse! Just because you are married doesn’t mean you should stop dating, and I fully agree with this statement.

Military spouses know a thing or two about going long periods of time without dating our spouse so when the opportunity comes to go out on a date – we take it!

Setting aside some “date time” monthly is a great way to reconnect and have a little fun out of the ordinary routine.

However, this can be a little difficult when you find yourself without a sitter, living hundreds of miles away from family or perhaps the budget just doesn’t allow for the extra expense of a date night. Don’t let these obstacles stand in the way of your quality time with your spouse. Think of it as a fun mission, a stay-at-home date night. This doesn’t have to be crazy expensive and it can be very creative with a little thought. Remember, the date night starts when the kids go to bed, so get ready, get set, and go!

Here are 5 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas:

Movie Drive-In Date: This was our very first at-home date night we ever tried, and it is on the top of the list because it was so much fun! Make a big bowl of popcorn and pick a movie – however shake it up a bit and watch the movie in your car! It feels as if you are in an actual drive in, just bring your laptop and place it on your dash and you have created your own cozy and romantic drive-in movie. Don’t want to sit in a car? Take it to the living room and spread out blankets and pillows all over the floor. You could even turn it into a “floor picnic” with yummy snacks.

Disconnect and Re-Connect: Put away the cell phones, turn off the television and get ready to re-connect with your spouse. You can spend the night playing board games, trivia games or just talking with your spouse. You could even print out a list of questions to help enhance conversation as well as getting to know your spouse better, and take turns answering them. The night will literally just be the two of you.

Date Night Dinner: Sure ordering out is fun and most likely you’ve done it many times, but when was the last time you and your spouse cooked a meal together? Decide on a simple, yet delicious meal that you would both enjoy and cook together. Play some light music and bond over the relaxing sounds and mouthwatering aromas you both create.

Backyard Camping: If you are the “outdoorsy” type, this is perfect! You can rough it, or make it glamorous – it doesn’t matter as long as you are together. Make a fire, roast s’mores and if you have a tent or sleeping bags, create a cozy atmosphere to sit back, relax and enjoy the stars together.

Double Date: Many times we feel guilty for not spending quality time with friends just as we do with our spouse. If you’re both up to it, make a fun double date night right at home. You can order in, pick a movie or even make it a fun friend game night. Make it a theme night and try to stay within the theme while choosing food, movie and music choices.

What has been your favorite at-home date night? Share with us in the comments below.

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